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A quick loan, also known as a short term loan, instant cash loan or cash advance loan, is a way of borrowing cash over a short period of time. Usually the borrower, has the cash loan over a period of days/weeks, rather than months or years, as is the more conventional way of borrowing cash. Whilst usually people borrow money to pay for holidays, home improvements or a new car or other luxury, a cash advance is designed to cover the borrower over a short term period, to cover unexpected bills or emergency events.

One major advantage of this form of borrowing, is that you can be approved for a cash advance loan in only a few minutes and even receive the cash loan in your bank account the same day. Many lenders of cash advance loans or payday loans, offer this fast transfer service nowadays, although you should check with the individual lender when applying for your cash loan.

You should consider when applying for a short term cash loan that there is criteria to meet, so that you stand the best possible chance of being approved for a short term loan. Firstly you must be a UK resident, over 18 years of age and be employed. Ideally your net (take home) pay, should be at least £750 a month and this should be paid directly into your bank account, with a debit card facility.

The beauty of a short term cash loan is that even if you have previous poor credit, defaults or CCJ’s, there is still every chance you will be accepted for a cash loan. There are no credit checks involved, unlike with usual forms of borrowing, so this is one major advantage and is highly desirable to anyone who needs cash fast, but is worried about previous credit problems.

As with any sort of borrowing, you must consider whether you can afford to repay the cash loan when it becomes due to be repaid to the lender. Interest charges will be added to the original loan amount borrowed, which is clearly stated prior during the loan application process. Late repayments of short term cash advance loans, can be expensive with the late payment fees and/or additional interest charges that may be added by the lender. Remember that it is important to contact the lender if you feel you are going to have difficulties repaying the cash loan on the agreed date, as additional charges such as late penalty fees could be avoided.


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People who are in need of fast cash find that low-interest rates for quick loans are the most convenient method of getting money quickly. Low-interest loans are short-term loans and advances which supply instant cash to the borrowers. These credit facilities are advanced financial tools which have been introduced to facilitate people suffering from fiscal problems. These amount are immediately granted to the borrower generally within 24 hours. The current economic condition of the market is very difficult for a person to arrange cash from any agency, bank, or any other fiscal organization if the person is suffering from a bad credit history. This is the most important aspect of low-interest rates for quick loans because they are provided to borrowers in spite of their poor credit history.

These loans are a really useful form of financial aid for salaried class of people and the middle class population and they have brought upon a lot of security into their minds. They have made possible for these people to urgently meet all their expenses and solve their financial hassles in a convenient manner without asking for help from friends, relatives etc.

It has been seen that there are numerous expenses that a person needs to pay from his salary which cannot be avoided. Due to this the person is left with minimum cash for his personal expense. These expenses cannot be fulfilled with your insufficient pay as a result you will have to apply for a loan. The ultimate capital required under such extreme situation are low-interest loans. These are advanced credit facilities granted as finance tools for people to improve upon their financial situation. The fact is that these low-interest loans in spite of having a higher rate of interests are very popular amongst people because they find it very useful to avail them in a shorter duration of time.

It has been generally found that the repayment period of these loans are 30 days. If a borrower wishes to extend the repayment period, he has to pay an extra amount on the number of days extended. The only drawback that low-interest loans have is that since these are short-term loans and they have a higher rate of interest. Low-interest rates for quick loans are the best possible financial help to the people who are in urgent requirement of fast cash. The repayment period on these loans are generally short because of the risk factor involved for the lender.


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From the comfort of your own home a rapid instant cash loan can be obtained by simply searching the internet for an appropriate loan company and then completing a simple application form. Most internet loan providers have an instant decision system that takes a few seconds to decide if the loan application has been successful. Cash emergencies such as car breakdown repairs, central heating boiler replacements, holiday cash or any other unexpected bill.

There is no faxing of documents or long phone calls to endure, it is a quick easy way to obtain cash without all the hassle. Technology has made the application process much easier, automatic address lookup just simply provide a house name and postcode and the application form will fill in the rest. Gone are the days of having to complete complicated application forms and posting them to the loan company, then waiting a few days or even weeks for a decision. Access to fast cash has meant a multi-billion industry has evolved to meet demands of millions of customers.

Identity checks are automatic and will match the applicants details against a range of publically available databases to prove the applicant is real. All this is completed within a few seconds of the applicant pressing the submit application button. Once a successful decision has been obtained an electronic credit agreement will need to be electronically signed. A copy can also be printed and some companies email a copy on signed completion. With all the legal stuff completed it is just a matter of transferring the cash to the applicants bank account. Again technology has meant that cash funds can be transferred to their account within minutes, making the whole process complete within a short space of time.

These short term loans, often known as payday loans, give the applicant access to up to £1,000 depending upon status and credit history. Many loan providers do not use credit reference agencies but rely on established underwriting rules in their decision processes. Customers now have a wide range of choice to choose from. Payday loan lenders are increasing their presence in the market place by advertising in many forms of media such as TV, radio, and internet social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Knowing which short term loan company to choose from is becoming more difficult as many new companies emerge into the market. A customer should look at the status of the lender, perform searches on consumer group sites to see if there are any complaints that would indicate the lender has a bad reputation. Selecting an efficient lender is key to getting access to that rapid cash.


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One of the big advantages of using payday loans is that they do not affect credit checks and credit history, in the same way as bank loans. There are however numerous misconceptions being circulated with regard to credit checks, which are highlighted to save you from unnecessary worries and stress.

Is There Such a Thing as a Credit Blacklist?
Contrary to the impression many individuals may have, there is no such thing as a list that contains the names of people who will never be able to obtain a mortgage or loan. Such a blacklist does not exist. Loan companies use the services of 3 United Kingdom credit check companies in order to determine each applicant’s credit history. If one has a pattern of skipped or late payments, he or she will naturally have a more difficult time obtaining a loan, however, this does not mean the person will be forever blacklisted from applying for credit. Payday loans are however in a whole different arena and therefore can be used during many difficult times.

Credit Problems From Divorce
This is also a myth which many people erroneously believe. With regard to credit checks, the only way in which another individual can affect one’s credit score is if there is still a legal marriage in effect, or if both names are on certain accounts. Where divorce is concerned, all one must do is become disassociated with his or her former partner. Once this has taken place, the other person’s credit history will have no bearing on the credit history of his or her former spouse.

Checking One’s Own Credit
Another common misconception with regard to credit is that if a person pulls their own credit report, he or she is ruining the chance to be approved for a loan. In reality, the exact opposite is true. It can be very beneficial for a person to check his or her own credit. Among other benefits, it is a way in which mistakes can be corrected and forgotten bills can be paid before they are seen by prospective lenders.

For instance, if a person checks his or her own credit and discovers a bill that was forgotten, the person can get a payday loan and quickly remedy the situation, whereas if the individual is unaware of the forgotten bill, the loan company may find it first, and turn the applicant down.

If it is a case that a bill was not forgotten but seemed impossible to pay, it can be a realistic time to consider payday loans to sort the bill out and avoid other issues.

Loan Application Process
One issue that is does not fall under the blanket of common misconceptions is the fact that a credit check will be run on any applicant that applies for a loan. In only the rarest of circumstances can a loan be obtained without the applicant having to agree to a credit check.

Issues That Affect Credit
Many people are surprised at the intricate details that can be uncovered when one’s credit history is pulled. Sometimes it is the most seemingly insignificant issues that have a major bearing on whether or not one acquires a loan. Mobile phone bills, and whether or not one is registered to vote are good examples of these. This is why one should always attempt to pay bills in a timely manner, even if this means obtaining a pay day loan every now and then.

The Effect of a Rejected Loan
Anyone who has missed even one small payment on a bill can be turned down for a loan. In this case, it is better not to apply again until a minimum of 12 months has passed. This is due to the fact that a rejected application stays on one’s credit report for a full year, and when a prospective lender sees this, he or she is likely to turn down the applicant, as well.



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Many people wonder just what exactly a next day loan is. You may see them pop up in ads around the internet, or even pass one in your travels around town. A next day loan is a loan that is unsecured and easy to get, as they require very little to be eligible for them.

No Credit Checks

No credit checks are required for next day loans. That means, even if you have a bad credit score due to bounced checks or late charges, you will still be eligible for a loan. Many people do not have a good enough score to get even a small loan from their local bank, so they do not know where to turn when they need fast cash. With a cash loan, this isn’t a problem. Even if you have had to deal with a repossession or have filed for bankruptcy in the past, this will not affect your ability to get the cash you need. Additionally, the company does not require collateral to get a loan. So, your assets, whatever you have, will always be safe.

No Questions Asked

When you apply for a loan at your local bank, you usually have to disclose the reason why. You may even have to convince the lender why you really need the loan. With a cash loan company, there are never any questions asked as to why you are short on money and need a loan. You can use the cash loan for anything you wish, such as paying on your bills, paying your rent or mortgage payment, buying groceries or gas, or for any other unexpected emergency that pops up. For example, your car may break down and you need to get it fixed right away, or you may have to buy an expensive prescription for your child. No matter what you need it for, a cash advance is there to help, no questions asked, and no judgment.

Easy Requirements

The requirements for a cash advance loan are very simple. Anyone who lives in the UK and are over the age of 18 can apply for a loan. To meet the criteria you must be able to present a reliable and steady income, which normally comes from your employment. You must also have an open debit account, as this is where you will receive your cash once you are approved. The lender will only verify your income and bank account to approve you for a loan. Once you are approved, they will deposit your cash straight into your debit account, and it is then available for your immediate use.


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Growing up, we all heard our parents ask, “Does money grow on trees?”.

After living in the real world for some time, it is easier to separate fact from fiction. Obviously money isn’t that easy to come by, especially at that time of the month when your power bills and your mortgage are due. People have several myths about cash, and it’s hard to determine what is true and what is false.

If we are honest with each other, we understand that cash does not grow on trees. Additionally, we are aware that cash isn’t give out for free too often. Usually, you have to work for your money and discovering how to choose between the truths from the myths will permit you to choose smart financial decisions and control your finances so that you realize just how much cash you have remaining every month after obligations are covered.

One of the most common myths is that check advances are only used by poor consumers. The truth is that people who apply for a payday loan range in economic circumstances just about as greatly as they range in job fields. If you are challenged due to economy problems and living on a budget, you may quickly find yourself applying for a payday advance even though you may have a job that pays quite well.

Theories encircle the type of people who apply for cash loans are added to to popular theories. Most people think that those people who need to request a payday loan do not work hard. The majority of buyers are searching for ways to appropriately cover their obligations, instead of working to wiggle out of handling them. This creates some of the hardest working borrowers to work with.

With numerous individuals going through hard money struggles at times, it is really difficult to pinpoint, exclusively, by looking at an individual’s everyday appearance how they are doing financially. This is usually one of the worst habits that consumers have. Figuring out who needs the most help is difficult in this precarious economy. No matter what kind of help is needed, payday loans can usually provide this help that is needed to a family so that they can hold on financially. This, in addition to a little effort and hard work would generally allow plenty of chances to gain control of your budget, instead of risking all you worked so hard to achieve.



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Emergency loans are designed to offer financial assistance on a short term basis for UK residents. When an individual is facing an unexpected bill, such as a car repair, important home improvement or repayment of a small debt an emergency cash loan could be the answer.

Allowing an individual to borrow up to £1,000 with no credit check and with the possibility of same day transfer to the borrower’s bank account, means that a solution to a short term financial problem can be fixed very quickly. In fact emergency loans have been set up for this exact purpose, meaning the hassle and formalities of high street lending has been removed and the whole process can be managed online from the comfort of your own home.

An emergency loan is an unsecured form of borrowing and therefore falls under the category of unsecured loans. Typically these type of unsecured loans are borrowed over a short period of time, usually around 1 calendar month, whereby the loan is simply repaid from the borrower’s next salary. This form of borrowing can be ideal if the borrower is only requiring a short term solution and the loan amount if not in excess of £1,000. For larger amounts of borrowing, I would suggest contacting more conventional financial organisations whom specialise in larger loan amounts, over longer repayment periods.

As I explained earlier, an emergency cash loan is for short term purposes and for those individuals whom require immediate cash assistance. Therefore when applying for this type of loan, means you are able to get the loan credited to your bank account usually the same working day. Whilst many lenders will charge for this service, some will not – so I would always recommend you shop around to ensure the amount of interest you are repaying and any additional fees you will be paying to borrow the loan, are factored into the equation before committing yourself to the loan agreement.

As with any form of borrowing, whether on a short term or long term period, you must always ask yourself whether you can afford the repayments and most importantly what it is going to cost you in interest and other charges, to repay the loan to the lender. I would always recommend you review your individual financial circumstances before committing yourself to any form of credit agreement. Remember that whilst it may be great to be approved for the loan and the cash loan will allow you to repay urgent bills or other financial outgoing, the emergency loan must be repaid on time as per the agreement you have committed to with the lender.

Failure to repay your loan on time, could mean you incurring additional charges from the lender, in addition to those already highlighted to you when you took out the emergency cash loan.


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More often than not you are never expecting a financial crisis and may freeze at the thought of having to repay an unexpected bill immediately, but without the funds in place. Whilst some people would choose to ignore it and hope it goes away, others would apply online for a quick and easy solution – enabling them to borrow up to £1,000 the very same day.

An emergency loan is a quick, hassle free way of borrowing an unsecured cash loan over a period of one month. You can usually borrow any amount from £80 to £1,000 depending on the lender, but many (if not all) will offer no credit check, resulting in a greater amount of individuals applying for this form of cash loan, as it is not just open to people with good or excellent credit histories.

Usually borrowed over a period of one calendar month, an emergency cash loan allows the borrower to apply for up to £1,000 with no credit check and simply repay the loan back from using their next salary cheque. As with conventional forms of borrowing, there are certain conditions and criteria they must be met, but as a rule of thumb if you are a UK resident, 18 years, in employment and take home at least £750, you could be approved today for the cash loan.

The amount you borrow will determine the interest charge you repay and this can vary between lenders. I would always therefore urge an individual to check various online financial organisations, to ensure you are getting the best deal available for the amount of money you require. Once you have chosen your preferred cash loan lender, ensure you clearly understand the criteria of the loan, such as how much interest and other fees you are responsible for, when the loan is due to be repaid and how many repayments there are. Whilst many will allow the loan to be paid back in one payment within one month’s time, some will provide you a longer period to repay the loan, but request two repayments to be made on dates stipulated by the lender.

Remember that no matter whether you have a poor, bad, good or excellent credit history, emergency loans mean that there are no traditional credit checks and therefore even if you have a particularly poor credit history, you are still encouraged to apply. Whilst many high street banks would turn your loan application down, getting approval for an emergency loan of up to £1,000 is easier.